Learning Disability Evaluations

Dr. Crane provides testing services for children, adolescents and adults to determine if learning or processing difficulties are present. Dr. Crane completes comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations to diagnose learning disabilities which may include the following:
  • A thorough clinical interview to evaluate the presenting concern and obtain necessary background information, such as the developmental and social history
  • Review of records
  • Behavioral Observation
  • Intelligence testing
  • Achievement testing
  • Measures of auditory and visual processing
  • Adaptive behavioral skills
  • Social and emotional testing
  • Behavioral rating scales

(Please note that each case is unique and the specific assessment is dependent on the referral question.)

Following the testing sessions, a feedback session reviewing the test findings including strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations is provided. Academic accommodations are included to assist teachers and provide information for Individualized Educational Plans.